Through fun and experience to the professions of the future

Together with The Velux Foundations, we are implementing a project promoting the choice of a technical educational and professional path. The project is addressed to all primary school teachers in Poland. 

STEAM’s ABC” aims to equip teachers with tools and ideas that will help prepare children for a conscious choice of a professional path in adult life. As part of the courses for teachers, we provide interesting materials to develop students’ competencies, both in terms of specific skills related to the use of new technologies, and in the field of the development of soft skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, project work or management. 

  • A course for all primary school teachers – regardless of the level of knowledge and experience with the STEAM method.
    To start the course, teachers do not need any specialist knowledge of the STEAM method or modern technologies. This course is designed for both beginners and more advanced users.
    beginners will learn the STEAM method from scratch and will be able to start using it in their daily work.
    advanced users will find a lot of new and interesting ideas ready to use in class and outside school.

  • Adapted to the fact that schools have different equipment.
    To take full advantage of the knowledge from the course, you do not need any specialized equipment or teaching aids. The course is built in such a way that teachers can decide for themselves whether they will use new technologies during the lesson or examples from what they have at hand from everyday objects. The course allows for creative use of the Laboratories of the Future, as well as further conscious expansion of the Laboratories [Laboratories of the Future – a Polish government project providing schools with modern equipment].

  • Learning and skills development based on examples from real work situations. Thanks to the course, teachers can take students from the classroom to adult life situations. The course helps teachers to combine what they teach with the work and passions that students will pursue in the future. We look behind the scenes at many professions to show how specific competencies are used at work. The course helps teachers support students in making interesting and practical career choices.

Primary school teachers will be able to benefit from the following parts of the project: 

  • A free e-learning platform „STEAM ABC” with an online course for all interested teachers in Poland who want to learn about the STEAM method combined with a strongly emphasized element of career counselling. The course relates the knowledge acquired by children to examples from professional life.
    The online course will consist of: video materials, written materials, multimedia presentations and a library of downloadable materials, such as lesson plans, worksheets, presentations and bibliographies to expand knowledge in the field of STEAM + career counselling. In short, everything you need to learn the STEAM method from scratch. 

  • The second part of the project is a one-year course for 200 teachers from all over Poland, deepening their knowledge of the use of the STEAM method, with an extended module relating to career counselling. The course will allow participants to gain competencies that will enable them to work with children using the STEAM method at a professional level. 

  • A nationwide competition for teachers for the most interesting lesson scenarios using the STEAM method. 

Cluster for the Education of the Future: 

A unique element of our course is the creation of a Cluster that includes representatives of the business world, educational experts, experts in the professional market, and researchers of future trends. Real examples from professional life inspire us to create interesting video materials and lesson scenarios. The role of the Cluster is to create a vision of innovative education and implement it in life, and to inspire the youngest to consciously choose their life path based on specific competencies of the future.

START of the project: spring 2023 

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